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Scratching Beneath the Surface: Sustainability At The Treehouse London Hotel

Ok, I admit it – it was my birthday early February. Unlike the past two years, we were at home! Now I love birthday celebrations, my husband would rather leave the country! Couple that with our, what seems like permanent search for ‘fun’ or different hotels, those with a good vibe, great music – or at least not ‘parlour’ music – and a good view, a short London stay fitted the bill. The Treehouse London Hotel, Langham Place, London popped up on my Google search. Ooooh, I thought, that looks interesting. Roof top bar, perfect! It was indeed a perfect stay, one of the best and fun hotels we have stayed in.

But you know me, I always like to look deeper …. this is what I found….

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Tapping into the Water …

… and eliminating 250,000 plastic bottles a year

Sustainable Tourism at Four Seasons Maldives Series, 3 of 7

I am ‘shouting out’ about resorts where I can see they are truly focussed on leaving the world better than they found it. 

There’s one thing for sure, it’s warm in the Maldives and you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Today we are really aware of single use plastics, but typically, in the past, water in resorts and hotels has been delivered to guests in this manner.  It’s good to see that changing around the world, but in some travel destinations it’s a much bigger challenge.

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