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January 2023

Environment, Travel

One of the coolest ways to offset the negative impact of your travel …

Not sure about you, but I am really not keen on clicking that ‘offset your carbon footprint’ button when booking my flights. Don’t get me wrong, I want to offset my carbon, but I want to know what my donation is actually being spent on … whether it is benefiting the wildlife and the people where I am visiting. Some donations I make aren’t always to a ‘carbon offset’ project as such, but simply have a positive environmental impact. The following idea is definitely one that is great for the environment AND you will benefit too.

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We got wet bottoms at our ‘posh’ Christmas Dinner!

Love it or hate it, Christmas dinner is definitely a thing!  Eating out Christmas Day is typically expensive in the UK, and not always good value.  And what about that staff that have to work that day? Being in Lanzarote for Christmas presented an opportunity to do something different, something special and compare it to the traditional turkey dinner at home or the local pub.  Was it worth it? Was it good value? Did it meet our expectations for a special celebratory meal? Well ……

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