Playa Blanca seafront, Lanzarote is scattered with bars, cafes and restaurants, with a few breaks where a hotel has that precious beachfront space or a pointed rocky out-crop gives a pleasant return to nature and the sea.

Looking for is burger and chips? Please, close this blog, you are wasting your time!

BUT if you are looking for something a little special, with music or the best of Spanish food, then this might be for you.  

Can you guess which is my favourite restaurant?

(Audio file intro below, if you want to hear my voice!)

With quite a few visits under our belts, often 3 weeker’s, we have tried many an establishment in Playa Blanca. Interestingly over the years we haven’t noticed too many changes in the restaurants with just one or two that have closed. Some have changed hands and disappointingly have altered the restaurants atmosphere with a shift from funky music to vanilla parlour music – even if the menu remains the same, they are less attractive – Mamma Rossa’s take note!

Lanzarote’s restaurants are difficult to describe! There are no Michelin Star restaurants, though there are one or two mentions in the Bib Gourmand category in the guide. You wouldn’t often use the word ‘outstanding’ and yet neither would you use ‘bad’, everything is at a pretty good standard, with some excellent culinary experiences.

We tried a couple of new places, well new to us, not sure how they had escaped previously, but as Christmas and New Year is our ‘let’s go to Lanzarote’ time, may be they were closed for the holiday too – definitely the case for Casa Carlos and possibly Afrodite Little Italy.

These quick reviews that might help you decide where tonight’s dinner might be

Afrodite Little Italy

Adjectives:  Lively, Traditional, Italian, Quality, Fun, Musical

Traditional Italian, in the Rubicon Marina area, set back a little from the water’s edge, we sat outside, despite it being a little chilly. Good quality cuisine and a FANTASTIC Mr Brown Saxophonist on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday’s – played with Pink Floyd! – which makes it a lively place to eat. Staff were great, friendly and easy to deal with and Mr Brown was super nice, helping me with advice on reeds for my Saxophone.

Here he is playing a Pink Floyd number and Dave Brubeck’s Take Five – am trying to learn to play that, some way to go yet!

We found it reasonably priced for the food’s high quality, very drinkable wine and they passed our ‘garlic bread test’ it was to die for! Sadly we only got there twice in our three week trip as they closed for Christmas and New Year.

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Casa Carlos

Adjectives: Pleasant, Upmarket, Spanish, Well Positioned, Wagyu Steak Heaven

Not sure ‘Wagyu Steak Heaven’ is actually an adjective! But that’s what my husband said, whilst eating his. BBQ’d and then finished in the oven, and at around 39 Euros for that quality of meat, no wonder we went back a second time. My duck dish was totally delectable as was the very good red wine. With fresh warm bread and delicious homemade butter, no room for desert. The staff in this Mediterranean restaurant were professional as well as friendly and overall a pleasant atmosphere with super views of the sunset.

Perfectly placed at the waters edge, just before you walk into the Rubicon Marina from Playa Blanca, this light and welcoming restaurant served excellent cuisine. It’s a little more expensive than many other restaurants here but for us, worth it.

STRATVS – Restaurante El Aljibe Del Obispo

Adjectives: Beautiful, Excellent, Local, Traditional, Wine filled, Cultured, Elegant

We love this Bodega. From the exquisite wine to the vineyard tours, from the little tasting bar to last years New Years Day brunch. Ok, not in Playa Blanca, agreed but a short drive, taxi ride or hotel tour away! Nestled in the La Geria region, in the middle of a volcanic landscape, the unique wine growing technique here produces some superb wines. This year we booked lunch in the restaurant as a special treat to ourselves – well, we deserved it! With a more unusual menu, based on traditional products and produced locally at the ‘Finca de Una’, set down beautiful steps into a green and partially covered square I was so looking forward to this. And was not disappointed.

Despite, we found out later, several staff calling in sick that day, we had excellent, friendly, knowledgeable service and one of the best entertaining lunches for a long while. Now I am not a steak lover but somehow they’re special of the day, a very very large steak (Ribeye I think!), that you finished at your table, appealed. What fun it was!

Well, if you want to try REALLY local food, slow cooked goat, incredible acorn-fed Iberian ham, Rabbit a la Parmigiana and Finca de Uga cheeses, all in that ‘excellent’ quality, this is it! My opinion? Could be deserving of that Michelin star. Expensive? More so than your average Playa Blanca restaurant of course, but memorably worth it.


Adjectives: Fresh, Unique, Welcoming, Handmade, Mouthwatering, Creative Italian

This is my favourite restaurant.

Why? It’s small and cosy, with a view looking down over the sea at the port end of Playa Blanca – but that’s not it. This fresh pasta is some of the best we have eaten, and typically I am not a big pasta fan. On top of that, the owner works so hard to make his restaurant special, and he succeeds. All of the staff are so lovely – friendly, knowledgeable, running around making sure everyone has all they need. Traditional dishes served in a unique style, new twists on classics like the Tagliatelle Ninen with Flambe Vodka and Tabasco or the Lasagne Verdure Miste with Aubergines, Asparagus, Courgettes, Broccoli, Peas and Carrots – definitely 4 of your 5 a day!

Couple the scrumptious food with some of the best wines from both Italy and Spain and an exceptional welcome don’t miss this one. Be sure to book in advance and its a little more expensive than the run of the mill Italian, but this is FRESH HANDMADE PASTA. Oh, and you can also buy some to take back to your villa and cook.

La Taberna

(Link is to Tripadvisor, don’t think they have their own website)

Adjectives: Authentic, Tasty, Favourite Tapas, Fantastic Setting, Great Service

Our ‘go to place’ in Playa Blanca, right by the waters edge but tucked away in the Marina. Definitely find it on the map and go there. Relaxed atmosphere, really friendly staff, lovely wines and we think the best tapas in Playa Blanca. Absolutely love their dates with bacon, chicken kebabs, padron peppers and their garlic chicken just melts in your mouth. It’s the only place I HAVE to have bread to soak up the juices of this dish.

Whether it’s a morning coffee, midday cava or sun setting gin and tonic, it’s a gem of a place that you will keep returning to.

Food Allergy Report: All of these restaurants were excellent with my nut and shellfish allergies and I never had any concerns.

To conclude, of course there are many, many other good restaurants in this spot but this year we really enjoyed these ones. Next visit I want to try Macher 60, Michelin recommended and I am curious….