Wow, we didn’t expect that!

Just heard the news! Our short film will be screened on Sunday, 3rd March, 19.00 at the Cinéma Variétés in Nice and competes in the category “Best Short Documentary”.

What does that mean to us? Well maybe not what you think

(Audio file intro below, if you want to hear my voice!)

Bruno Zaugg, co-owner of Design-Factory GmBH and the Director of this film wrote this. Says it all to me:

“Receiving the news of our short film’s selection for the Cannes Short Film Festival is a momentous recognition of our commitment to raising awareness about the critical need to protect the Antarctic region. It is a profound honor to have our environmental advocacy through cinema acknowledged on such a prestigious stage. Our film strives to convey the urgency and significance of preserving this pristine ecosystem, highlighting the delicate balance between humanity and nature. The opportunity to showcase our work at Cannes not only amplifies our message but also underscores the power of storytelling to drive positive change. We are eager to engage with a global audience at Cannes, fostering a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges facing the Antarctic and inspiring collective action to safeguard this vital part of our planet.”

Will We Win?

To be honest, it’s not the uppermost thought. What is pleasing is knowing that many more people, those in the audience and those that look online at the short films submitted, will have exposure to the messages, increasing the opportunities for action. Every single action in favour of the environment and our wildlife counts right now.

Still, if that happens I promise to let you know!

Special thanks to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, the Nature Vision Foundation, the South Georgia Heritage Trust and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust for contributing. We hope it goes full circle back to them with support and contributions, so they can continue their conservation work.

If you didn’t see the original film post and my blog HERE and don’t feel like digging around to find it, handily it is below. Enjoy!

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The time for us to act is NOW!

One of our most precious continents. Subject to and suffering from the increases in temperatures to both oceans and atmosphere. Such significant consequences to so much and so many, as sea levels rise and the Southern Ocean’s currents change with the ice melt from what is the planet’s greatest freshwater reserve.

This short ‘teaser’ film is meant to draw your attention to the dramatic effects that are happening right now.

By working with organisations such as the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, the Nature Vision FoundationSouth Georgia Heritage Trust and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, we hope to garner broad support to protect this precious region and the unique wildlife associated with it. Supporting them in their quests to improve and preserve the Antarctica environment, may be a place to start.

A big thank you to Design-Factory GmbH for both showcasing the wonder of Antarctica’s inspiring landscape as well as reminding us of its fragility, in this short film.

A British, German, Swedish, Swiss and US co-production