One of our most precious continents. Subject to and suffering from the increases in temperatures to both oceans and atmosphere. Such significant consequences to so much and so many, as sea levels rise and the Southern Ocean’s currents change with the ice melt from what is the planet’s greatest freshwater reserve.

This short ‘teaser’ film, showcasing the collapse of Antarctica is meant to draw your attention to the dramatic effects that are happening right now.

The time for us to act is NOW!

By working with organisations such as the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, the Nature Vision FoundationSouth Georgia Heritage Trust and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, we hope to garner broad support to protect this precious region and the unique wildlife associated with it. Supporting them in their quests to improve and preserve the Antarctica environment, may be a place to start.

A big thank you to Design-Factory GmbH for both showcasing the wonder of Antarctica’s inspiring landscape as well as reminding us of its fragility, in this short film.

A British, German, Swedish, Swiss and US co-production