Do you remember that Woody Allen film, Stardust Memories, where he is sitting on a train waiting for it to depart the station? His coach is full of boring lifeless people who don’t know how to enjoy themselves and are going nowhere.  He is wondering why his life is so dull and where there could be a place he craves for fulfilment.  Just then a second train pulls into the platform.  He can see directly into a carriage which is full of people enjoying themselves in a happy party environment….

The Treehouse London Hotel is like this second carriage.  This is where people go to feel they are part of something special and be full of life. 

The Treehouse London is full of life, from the happy friendliness of the staff to the ambiance of the Madera restaurant and The Nest rooftop bar.  If you like good food, music and a warm welcome, then this is the place. We had dinner in the Madera on Friday night – the DJ was fabulous and the fire eater entertaining!  It was packed and buzzing. Here’s a sneak peek….

We’ve stayed in a lot of luxury hotels where the staff are a significant positive differentiator. The Treehouse staff are on a par with any top rated hotel in my opinion – this includes the Four Seasons Park Lane London and the 7 starred Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

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Our experience of luxury hotels is that the more exclusive and expensive they get, then the restaurant music is more lifeless – with the exception of the Sal restaurant at the Burj Al Arab.   We need more than just fine food – even at our later time in life.

Don’t let the 4 star rating of the Treehouse London fool you.  It’s definitely a 5+ star experience.

Which carriage are you in? Go to the Treehouse London Hotel and you will definitely experience the second one

Sustainability: Don’t forget to read my earlier BLOG on their sustainable programmes, which are innovative and go beyond what currently many hotels have implemented.