Have You Heard About the Sargasso Sea?

Sargasso Sea Ecosystem and Why It’s So Important

I’m beginning to think I really should have tried harder in Geography at school! Why? Well, when a colleague mentioned the Sargasso Sea, I had absolutely no idea where it was or why I should be so interested in it. Let me tell you, since last week that has certainly changed. Whilst not claiming to have got anything close to being an authority on its importance, a chance invitation to an expert meeting, had me rubbing shoulders with some pretty key people that definitely are! Here’s what I learnt…

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Being Expected

Villa 420 and What is the True Meaning of Luxury?

The island of Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives Four Seasons resort is an idyllic island paradise of true luxury. But what does ‘true luxury’ really mean? It’s always so personal, but for us here is how it goes.

Prefer to watch a video? Click HERE for my YouTube video instead.

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Environment, Travel

One of the coolest ways to offset the negative impact of your travel …

Not sure about you, but I am really not keen on clicking that ‘offset your carbon footprint’ button when booking my flights. Don’t get me wrong, I want to offset my carbon, but I want to know what my donation is actually being spent on … whether it is benefiting the wildlife and the people where I am visiting. Some donations I make aren’t always to a ‘carbon offset’ project as such, but simply have a positive environmental impact. The following idea is definitely one that is great for the environment AND you will benefit too.

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